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Providing a full range of professional joinery services, we love to tackle complex jobs. We handcraft doors, windows, gates and staircase ranges to your exact specifications.

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Exterior and Interior Doors

There is nothing as pleasing as very well made exterior doors in real hardwood. Often this can be the statement feature to your home or building. Over the years we have tackled just about every door format and can produce door for replacement or new fitting to your requirements.

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Real Wood Double Glazed Windows

There is no limit to the style, shape or size of especially handcrafted windows for your home whether new or replacement, or whether your property is a listed building.

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Staircases – the show case for your home

We have developed a range of staircases you would love to have in your home and we are able to provide expert advice on the best materials suited to your needs.

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Real wood gates

Gates of any shape and size or in any type of wood you would require are also handcrafted in our workshops with care and to your exact requirements.